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from £15 a month

up to 67Mb/s

18 month contract

Free premium router

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Fast & SuperFast Fibre

  • Average download speed 38Mb/s
  • SuperFast 67Mb/s for just £5 extra a month
  • UK's cheapest call prices
  • 18 month contract
  • No download limits
  • FREE Premium router
  • No loyalty penalty
  • Transfer in just 14 days
  • £30 connection charge
  • Line rental included

Fast broadband and cheap calls.

SuperFast fibre broadband and the UK's cheapest calls.

And unlike other providers, we won't hike your monthly price when you get to the end of your contract. So you'll never need to switch your broadband again.

It's a premium broadband service for a BUDGET price, with a unique long-term great value guarantee!

UK landlines 1p a minute*
UK mobiles 1p a minute*
International calls from 19p a minute
Other rates View tariff
*10p call set-up charge (does not apply to non UK EU destinations)

UK's cheapest fibre broadband (save up to £120 / year)

Great savings

Compare our prices with the other providers.

We're not just cheaper in the first year - you'll save money with 1pBroadband every year as you can see in the table opposite.

Table is swipeable

1pBroadband TalkTalk PlusNet Sky* BT
Cheap UK calls x x x x
Minimum term (months) 18  18 18 18 24
Initial monthly cost £15.00 £22.00 £23.99 £27.00 £27.99
Monthly cost (out of contract) £25.00 £29.95 £35.98 £32.00 £35.99
Year 1 cost £240.00 £268.95 £297.88 £343.99 £345.87
Year 2 cost £300.00 £311.70 £359.82 £354.00 £335.88
Year 3 cost £312.00 £359.40 £431.76 £384.00 £431.88

And if you use your landline for making calls, you'll save significantly more, as our standard UK call prices are over 90% cheaper than our competitors!

You pay £15 for the first 6 months, £20 for the next 6 months then £25 thereafter, until the end of the first 24 months. At the end of this period, and on each anniversary thereafter, the monthly price will be increased by £1.

*prices for Sky are for the nearest equivalent fibre broadband service. Prices and comparisons include setup / p&p and are correct as of 1 March 2021.

Powerful Wi-Fi coverage

Our award-winning router, has been optimised to give you the best possible experience

Key features

  • Dual-band WiFi Technology for better coverage and faster speeds throughout your home
  • Carrier Grade Security incorporating an SPI firewall for extra peace of mind.
  • Easy to manage for a really great user experience
  • Dedicated External Ports for improved performance when connecting your in-home devices
  • Impulse Noise Protection eliminates annoying interference between users
  • Future Proof to support your broadband speeds for years to come

No Gimmicks - No price hikes - No usage caps


Fast fibre

Fast 38Mb/s broadband from just £15 a month

SuperFast 67Mb/s broadband from just £20 a month


Guaranteed low prices - forever

You pay £15/month for the first 6 months, £20/month for the next 6 months, then just £25/month thereafter with no price hikes when your contract ends


Simple account management

You can manage your account online 24/7


Free router

Our award winning router with advanced technology provides great WiFi coverage throughout your home


Top 50 destinations

Calls to our top 50 international destinations are just 19p per minute


No price hikes

From the 2nd anniversary of you joining 1pBroadband (and on each anniversary thereafter), your monthly cost will increase by just £1


UK's cheapest calls

Your calls to UK landlines and mobiles cost just 1p per minute - that's over 90% cheaper than our competitors!


UK-based customer support

Our helpful advisors are on hand to provide both online and telephone support


No loyalty penalty

With our unique low price guarantee, you can be confident you are always paying a fair price - so you'll never need to switch again

Just a great quality broadband service at a great value price!

UK's most trusted# broadband

Trustpilot score Rating
1pBroadband 4.0 Great
Talk Talk 2.9 Average
BT Broadband 1.7 Bad
Plusnet 1.4 Bad
Sky 1.4 Bad
Virgin 1.3 Bad

#Based on Trustpilot rating on 21/06/20 compared with major broadband providers shown in the above table